Metal Lay-In: Plain Tile

Lay-In Plain Tiles

Lay-in false Ceiling System with steel/aluminum tile 595 mm X 595 mm is manufactured out of 0.50 mm thick polyester coil coated galvanized steel 120/180 gms zinc coating or 0.7mm aluminum powder coated with 50 microns polyester paint in AA5050, AA3105 or AA1050 alum. Alloy. these tiles can have square or beveled edges . Coil coated steel tile has 20-micron polyester coated finish and back coat of 5-micron alkyd primer. The exposed metal grid comprises of Main Runners and Cross Tees, roll formed from galvanized steel of 120/180gsm zinc coating. The main and cross tees are provided with bayonet coupling for quick installation and have a height of 33/38 mm and 25 mm. The grid is suspended from the roof with G.I. wire rods for quick adjustment by suspension hangers at max. 1200 mm and is filled with 1200 mm / 600 mm cross tees. Hangers are fixed to roof by expansion fasteners. Wall angle are 24 mm X 24 mm X 0.4 mm thick coil coated steel matching the color of the tile.