Metal Linear System: Decorative Ceiling

75C/ 150C/ 225C Decorative Ceiling

75C/ 150C ceiling systems comprises of panels 75 mm/ 150 mm wide x 15.5 mm deep with beveled groove between panels formed out of metal coils. Panels are fixed on to roll formed carriers 32 mm wide x 39 mm deep out of 0.7 mm Aluminium or 0.5 mm galvanised steel with cutouts to hold the panels in module of 100 mm at maximum 1.6 m c/c without insulation and at maximum 1.5 m c/c with insulation. Carriers are suspended from the roof or truss by 4 mm dia. galvanized steel wire rod hanger with special height adjustment suspension clip at max. 1.3 m c/c. Hangers are fixed to the roof by ceiling bracket. Panels are available in lengths up to maximum 6 m to suit site dimensions. Edge profiles or wall angles are 24 mm X 24 mm X 0.5 mm thick and match the colour of panel.

Metal used for construction of both panels and carriers:
Aluminium - Alloy AA5050, AA3105 or AA1050 is used to make the panels and the carriers. Thickness is 0.5 mm for panels and 0.7mm/0.9 mm for carriers.

Mild Steel - Galvanised steel with 180 / 120 gsm Zinc coating,. Thickness is 0.5 mm for panels and 0.5 mm for carriers.

Finish of the panels: Panels are available in plain and perforation of 2.5mm and 1.7mm